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Home office in Nyack, NY


  • NEW! Introductory level Astrological natal chart reading $75 for 60-75 minute session


  • NEW! Follow up Astrology session, with transits (what's happening in the sky currently and coming up, as it relates to your natal chart) $100 for 75-90 minute session


  • NEW! Inner Sensing** and Thai Massage combo $125 for 60 minute session


  • Integrative Table session $140 for 60 minute session/ $170 for 75 minute session


  • Prenatal/Postpartum Massage $140 for 60 minute session/ $170 for 75 minute session

**Inner Sensing is a modality that is new to me but draws on my decades of various types of embodiment work as well as the honing of methods of tapping into my own intuition and facilitating that in others through my last decade of bodywork practice. The process of Inner Sensing is quietly subtle and potentially profound and dynamic all at the same time - it involves a facilitated dialogue with the body, through dropping in to a body felt sense and offering a wide open space for you to hear its guidance. 

Spring 2024 NEW OFFERINGS!  

  • Single one hour bodywork session $130, through end of Gemini season, June 20

  • Natal chart reading $70, through end of Gemini season, June 20

  • The Celestial Body Special: Natal chart reading and one hour bodywork session $190, this offer is ongoing

  • Package of 4 one hour bodywork sessions for $480, this offer is ongoing



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